Palakkad Coconut Producers Company Limited

An initiative by coconut farmers of Palakkad

Coconut procurement at higher prices at Muthalamada Contact Nithin-9495098247

Coconut procurement

The farmers are being paid at a rate higher by Rs 2 than the prevailing market rate. The de husked nuts should be delivered at the Muthalamada Dryer along with the weighbridge slip indicating the weight of the coconut delivered. The farmer/CPS is asked to buy back at least 25 kg of coconut oil for each ton of coconut procured. A post dared cheque with 30 day period will be issued to the farmer.

In addition they are entitled to production bonus and share in the profit. The entire transaction is through banks.

The company processes the raw coconuts at its facilities in Muthalamada. The processing is done in modern dryers and devoid of the application of sulphur and smoke. The processed copra is converted to oil - through cold pressing using traditional chucks or through hot processing using expellers. Both the oils are filtered and bottled. The PamFresh brand oil is being sold through several outlets.

Modern Copra dryer at Muthalamada

A modern copra dryer is constructed with the support of Coconut Development Board in Muthalamada in 2013at a cost of Rs 65 lakhs. Muthalamada Federation of CPSs initiated the project and PCPCL raised the required capital from members. CDB had sanctioned a subsidy of 9 lakh rupees. CDB also facilitated a term loan from Dhanalakshmi Bank of Rs 30 Lakhs. The dryer can handle about 40000 nuts per day using coconut shell as the fuel. A 50 square meter heat exchanger fabricated using special grade stainless steel ensures that the drying is without sulphur and smoke.

To add the capacity and make it more environment friendly solar chambers were constructed in the roof to collect Sun's heat. These chambers are used to dry the second grade coconut separately and also as a backup.

Similarly the coconut water from cut coconuts is fed in to a bio gas tank and the resultant biogas is now used to burn through burners as a backup during the power outings.