Palakkad Coconut Producers Company Limited

An initiative by coconut farmers of Palakkad

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Kerala derived her name from Kera – the coconut tree, called land of Kera and true to her name she owes her existence to coconut palms. Her land was one of the wealthiest places in the Planet, attracting explorers and merchants from all over the world for many millennia. The riches came from her land and what it gave in the form of pepper, cardamom, coconut and numerous other crops. Now the farming is in decline in (ironically!) a quintessential farming state with serious implications for the environment, society, culture and economy and their futures. The vision fuelling this initiative is the dream of regaining the glory of Kerala through her undervalued and unnoticed, but most essential riches – rivers, agriculture, wetlands, evergreen forests and emerald Western Ghats.


Mission leading the initiative is to ensure just prices and returns for an average coconut farmer, essentially the representation of majority of her people. Just price is the real price of coconut and its products prevalent before two decades adjusted to today’s value of money. The prices of all the common commodities like rice or table salt have increased with time while paradoxically (and quite threateningly) the price of coconut has staunchly refused to make the climb. We believe that this is not because the world forgot the coconut, but rather because its production, sale and value addition have not undergone organization and modernization to match the current scenario. At that rate a single coconut should fetch about Rs 50 against the current price of Rs 5. We are attempting to organize farmers, initiate value addition of coconut palm produces and achieve a sustainable scale of economy along with the organizing skilled labourers to support the initiative by ensuring them a secure and dignified life; steps to achieve this vision.


Producer Company

This is an initiative by coconut farmers of Palakkad District, Kerala, India. Here 40 to 100 coconut farmers with about 4000 to 10000 coconut trees in a geographically well-defined area form a Coconut Producer Society (CPS). To be considered as a farmer one should own at least 10 bearing coconut palms in the area coming under the CPS. Eight or more CPSs in a Grama Panchayat or in a Block Panchayat are forming a Federation of Coconut Producer Societies (CPF). These entities are registered under charitable societies act relevant to the area in District Registrar Office and then with Coconut Development Board. The present venture is the effort of nine existing Federations in the district.

The equity of the company is being mobilized from farmers. Each farmer has to take shares equal to the number of coconut trees owned by him/her. The value of each share is one hundred rupees. There is a premium of Rs 10 on shares subscribed after 30 June 2013

The Company is procuring coconuts, tender coconuts and Neera (un-fermented coconut sap), palm sugar and other produce from the shareholders and resells the raw or value added produce to various governmental and business agencies and through its own outlets. The produce collected from each farmer is proportionate to his/her number of shares.


Labour Bank - Friends of Coconut Tree

FoCT – Friend of Coconut Tree is an ambitious programme launched by Coconut Development Board to alleviate the crisis in the labour associated to coconut trees. So far 15000 friends were trained.

Able bodied persons between 18 and 45 can opt for the one week long residential course starting on Sunday evenings. The trainees are insured for Rs 1 lakh and is provided with free food and lodging. On successful completion of the course – after a practical and theory test- each of them is awarded with a climbing machine worth about Rs 2500. Trainees who work regularly will get additional benefits like subsidies for two wheelers.

Now the effort is to create a Labour Bank in the lines of Green army in Wadakkanchery Block, Thrissur,Kerala from the FoCT trainees.